Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another unintentionally hilarious cell phone commercial

Wow, a piece of technology so advanced that it "knows" what it's owner wants to do at any given time of day, and "adjusts" to meet that owner's "needs."

Seriously, how complicated could this be, really? Like it's really difficult to "remember" the doings of your average stunningly predictable cell phone addict. "Wow, my phone KNEW I wanted to post a tweet, just because I post tweets roughly every twenty minutes or so. And it KNEW I was going to ask for GPS directions to the Gulp 'n Blow I hit for Cheetos every afternoon, even though I know where the damn store is by heart, because I have to justify having this service available to me..."

Oh, but owning one of these time-sucking, brain cell-murdering little toys makes one feel like James Bond, doesn't it? "You don't want this technology falling into the wrong hands." And the "right hands?" Geeky, soulless, friendless losers who need directions to the living room downloaded to them and who think that they are just ONE technology upgrade from actually having a life, of course.


  1. Or, to put it more simply, it already is in the wrong hands.......

  2. That was so shiny that all I could do was bat at my monitor like a giddy kitten.

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