Friday, January 6, 2012

Now you know where that spare key to your house went to

Why isn't this mother and daughter couple even the slightest bit freaked out at the sudden appearance of a "counselor" in their kitchen? A counselor calling "time out" and wearing an official-looking badge, yet! Wouldn't a more natural response be a piercing scream followed by "What the hell are you doing here?" and "Jamie, call the police!??"

And why are these women at all surprised that their detergent didn't get the dishes spotlessly clean? I mean, it's called "Other Tablets." Doesn't exactly inspire confidence, does it? What's the matter, was the store out of "Bargain Brand" or "Brand X" detergent?

Why does it not bother me one bit that the Kitchen Counselor has managed to set up a flat screen tv and a DVD explaining how Cascade outperforms Other Tablets in national...umm, taste tests? Clearly she's been scoping out this house and these people for quite some time, hiding behind furniture, just waiting for her opportunity to strike.

And why am I not at all surprised that no men make an appearance in this ad? I mean, it takes place entirely in a kitchen. Unless there's beer in the fridge and a game on the big screen, there's simply no reason for any man to ever enter a kitchen for any reason. Dishes? That there's women's work. I know. I watch TV.

I guess that explains by rather "bleh, whatever" reaction to this ad. I just can't relate to it. Greasy dishes? I can't remember the last time I even USED a dish, let alone one labeled "meat." Do they mean bowls? But bowls are for cereal- how does cereal make bowls greasy? So very confused.

Meanwhile, what is that awful smell coming out of the room with the electronic box used to keep beer cold? Whatever it is, Cascade won't help. You see, I don't have a dishwasher- she left me YEARS ago. ;>(


  1. I hate this ad because what the hell is wrong with the mother that she has to fly off the handle like that at her own kid? Is her child so self-centered and demanding that the mother's first assumption is that she wants money?

  2. She certainly does appear a bit high-strung, doesn't she? (She also assumes that daughter would ask for money by rubbing two fingers together- if I had tried that with my parents when I was this girl's age, there would have been SERIOUS problems.)

  3. "Other Tablets" are a genericised version of finish Quantum packs. (I know because that's what I use. Its all I've ever used, since that was what came with my diswasher.)

  4. My mother's reaction if I did what the daughter did would be, "What? Why are you rubbing your fingers together?" She might make a joke about me wanting money, but she wouldn't be going off on me because my mom is a reasonable, level-headed person who doesn't flip out and assume the worst for no reason.