Friday, June 14, 2013

Aquafresh's depressing look at "real people"

The really sad thing is, I totally believe that these ARE real people who decided to sell what little dignity they possessed for a few seconds of screen time on a toothpaste commercial.

So they mug and froth and giggle for the camera like a bunch of developmentally-arrested sixth graders being handed five dollars by their grandparents for every minute they continue to "act cute."  They tell us how much they enjoy this toothpaste stuff while it collects around their mouths and dribbles down their chins.  It's really stupid and gross and intensely dumb and something that only real people could pull off convincingly.

So congratulations, Aquafresh, for taking advantage of very sad but oh so very real people who don't care what they have to do to get on television, and never mind that this kind of ad only shows up in the middle of Comedy Central movies nobody really wants to watch anyway.  Could you do me a favor and go back to hiring actors now?  Because this is so pathetic, it hurts my soul.


  1. Honey, why are you filming this? Oh, the Aquafresh people said they'd give you $1,000 to? Here's my reaction: I don't like a mouth full of foam, like I'm a rabid dog. I don't like the taste. Can I please have my regular toothpaste back? Thanks.

    1. My guess is that none of these people were offered or received a dime in actual currency, but where paid in "face time on TV." Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if they had to audition to win the part from a thousand or so other attention-starved idiots.