Monday, June 3, 2013

Another Deranged Lunatic with Online Access, a Credit Card, and no obvious reason for Living

So this woman's entire life is shopping.  Oh wait, no- she does go to the gym.  But other than that, it's shopping.

Her day doesn't even START until she's gone to Haute Look.  And it's made very clear to us very quickly that this woman lives to buy clothes online.  Sometimes, she "changes up the look" of the guy who makes All This Possible (one of them has to work for a living, right?)  But mostly it's all about buying Stuff for Herself.  From Haute Look.

Sometimes, there are simply no words to describe the disgust I feel for the zombies who waltz their way through ads like this.  Here's a giddy shopaholic who carefully spaces out her clothes shopping so it's something she can do everyday.  Here's her enabling husband, who saw something in this horrible excuse for a human being once, a long long time ago, but now is too busy trying to keep up with her insane spending habits to think about those good old days.  Here's their house, which will be featured on an episode of Buried Alive maybe two seasons from now.

Nope, can't think of any original way to describe this mess.  Anyone care to take a shot?


  1. I never understood the allure of shopping. I hate it. I just do it because I need the stuff.

  2. I've browsed HauteLook, and it's definitely NOT 'less than you'd imagine'. More like 'more than I'm willing to pay' (not that there was much I was interested in). That woman has an incredibly shallow, meaningless life. They didn't even attempt to give her a veneer of purpose, like having a volunteer position to go to. She just shops and keeps her Perfect Body in Perfect Shape so she can wear Perfect Clothes and let the world gaze upon her Perfect Look. I can feel my brain atrophying and IQ dropping just thinking about it.

    This woman probably cleans out her closets at the end of each season and starts all over again with what's fresh and new and in-fashion, so I doubt we'd see anything like Buried Alive.

  3. I am not even sure she went to the gym. She looks like the type that might buy expensive athletic clothing just to prance around it.

  4. I loathe this ad. Do ad execs really think this brain-dead shopaholic is someone we aspire to be? It is incredibly insulting. I really enjoyed this article! Commercial Curmudgeon nailed it.

  5. When are advertisers going to realize that most women are not mindless goldigging sluts. Cudos to the model making money off this ridiculous ad. Shame on Haute Look ie. Nordstrom for trying to make women feel like they have to change up their look (and their man's look) to be beautiful. Real women work their asses off whether in an office or the home.