Saturday, June 8, 2013

Didn't these guys used to open for INXS?

I have to admit that I actually enjoyed the idea of a group of wannabee teen heartthrobs/American Idols composing and singing a 30-second song about a new, improved blood glucose meter.

I especially enjoyed the "Twenty-three percent more accuracy feels so right" line.  Well, yes, of course it does. Goes without saying.  And "you're the one I love!"  Naturally.  "I love you, electronic device used to let me know how well I'm managing my potentially life threatening health issue!"  What could be more clear?

And it's just so easy to imagine these adorable kids prancing around a stage getting the crowd into a song celebrating the new ease with witch diabetics can check their sugar levels.  I see lighters and jumping up and down and screams of "encore," don't you?

I mean, it feels so right!

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