Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bursting two bubbles with one blog

1.  "It's nice to be on a site where....guys are actually looking for a woman my age...."

Well, I guess if you want to look at it that way, you are entitled, lady.  But let me clue you in:  The only guys out there who are looking for a woman over fifty are in their seventies or eighties, and have given up hope of snagging someone even younger.  They aren't looking for you, but they are willing to settle for you.  If you find that flattering, you really need to check out this other guy....

2.  "I got my first flirt within ten minutes of being on the site....yeah...."

Seriously, this is like a bagel that believes it's popular because ten seconds after it was tossed on the beach, it was being fought over by three seagulls.  Hey, buddy?  The site is designed to reel in desperate, sagging people who just don't want to die alone and (as previously noted) have given up trying to hook a young hottie.  You aren't a bad looking guy, and your surface appearance suggests you've got some financial security.  That makes you very, very attractive to the audience you've chosen to appear before.  Like a Snickers bar left out on a hot sidewalk is super-appealing to an ant colony.  If you find that flattering, please introduce yourself to that first woman.  You were made for each other.

But hey, at least you aren't trying out Christian Mingle, and are announcing "yes, I'm lonely and desperate, but I'm still going to start off by vetoing the vast majority of people out there who don't belong to my particular branch of Southern North American Presby-Lutheranism" ( I stole that from The Simpsons.  Not a real church.  I don't think.)

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  1. This week I started hearing ads on XM for something called Anastasia Date. The guy goes on and on about how close he is to the woman he met on the site, how he's told her things he's never told anyone else, how she's even taken a liking to football because he likes it, and if it's that important to him she just has to know more...

    It became clear to me after I heard this ad a few times that what the guy is talking about is a woman that he never sees. It's an online "relationship." Hell, it's probably not even one woman, but paid staff who work in shifts, or even a computer program that generates automated responses to the guy's questions or comments.

    More investigation revealed that Anastasia Date and several other "Anastasia" business ventures are Russian scams -- mail order brides and the like.

    If Our Time, Christian Mingle, Anastasia Date and the rest are what passes for intimacy and personal relationships these days, I say pass on that.