Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Final line of this AFLAC Commercial is your acid test

Never mind the Rocky soundtrack, the "personal trainer," and all the rest of this crap- we all knew this was coming from the moment we first saw the "AFLAC duck has been injured" commercial months ago.  The "recovery montage" setup was only slightly less predictable than the sunset.

But if you find yourself actually going online to see "what's going on behind the scenes," your loser status is confirmed.  You have no life, buddy.  Nor do you deserve one.  You long ago ran out of legitimate excuses for being online, and this is the result of your determination not to get your sorry butt off that chair.  Feel free to get the "inside scoop" on how the CGI Commercial Spokesduck is doing, but don't pretend for a minute that your existence has any meaning beyond the next late-night excursion to Taco Bell, ok?

And don't even try to justify your interest in this--this--hell, I don't even know WHAT this is.  Your willingness to wallow in the muck of time-sucking Nothing would amaze me, if it didn't make me so damned sad.


  1. What does this have to do with the service supposedly being sold? People are so focused on the cartoon duck, they don't notice the fake personal trainer's pitch!!

    1. Well, Aflac is operating under the assumption that every time you see a duck, you think of Aflac.