Sunday, June 30, 2013

Electronics for the biggest douchenozzles on the planet- US.

Because in the most disgustingly spoiled-rich country on the planet, it's perfectly ordinary for people to treat sensitive, expensive electronics that would cost the average mill worker in Pakistan two month's wages like used Kleenex.  Because Americans simply can NOT be trained to stop acting like wasteful, materialistic pigs with their Stuff, Samsung will now pretend that the people who think they "need" this crap will not find new ways to carelessly break them.

(The guy who emerges from being buried by his kids on the beach will wonder how his "Whatever-Proof" phone got destroyed despite Samsung's promise of indestructibility.  Here's a hint, Dad- check out the face on your disappointed kid, who was just beginning to believe that you actually wanted to spend some quality time with him when your f--ing phone went off and you just HAD to answer it on the first ring....)

Phones are going to keep getting destroyed by people who can't live without them, yet know how easy they are to replace, and are well-trained to want an excuse to replace them regularly anyway.  All this means is that the landfills are going to consist of sturdier piles of slightly more rugged pieces of junk leaking mercury into the aquifer.  And we are going to keep on consuming this vile rubbish along with our Dollar Menu McDiabetes Meals while the world starves around us, updating to the "newest" model every few months Just Because, whether it breaks or not.

Which makes one wonder- what the hell is the point?  And not just about this commercial, either.

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  1. My cell phone is that, and only that: a cell phone with text capabilities. I can't afford anything fancier, not that I'd want anything with more bells and whistles than a camera, but it sure would be nice to have that kind of money to spend on frivolities. Seeing everything that happens to the smartphones in this commercial pisses me off because the people treat the phones like they're cheap plastic plates you can pick up at the nearest dollar store.

    One of the reasons I don't want a smartphone is I'm afraid that once I get one, I'll become dependent on it and all those damn apps, and become that much more like all the spoiled, brainless, useless turds taking up space in the world today.