Monday, June 10, 2013

Umm...what's for sale here again?

Snap.  Click.  Dance, dance, dance.

Check out the glossy surface.  Ease of use.  Portability.  Clickability.  Never mind all that- check out the awesomely choreographed dance moves.

Now go out and buy this flimsy piece of junk.  Because it's cool, and that credit card is burning a hole in your pocket.  You can pay for it later, and meanwhile think how well you'll show for your friends.

It was official a long time ago, but this just another piece of evidence pointing to the conclusion that Americans Are The Biggest, Most Gullible Morons on the Planet.  We never stop acting like kittens being teased by laser pointers.  What's that?  It's shiny!  OMIGOD it looks so cool!  Where do I get one? Best Buy?  On my way!

And what's the first thing I'm going to do when I get it home?  Tell all my Facebook Friends about it.  I bet they all Like it.  Second thing? Figure out what the f--k this is.

(BTW, anyone want to contest my theory that about a hundred times more thought went into making this commercial than in designing this...whatever it is?)


  1. It's a laptop designed to snap in half, but which will undoubtedly snap into other fractions.

  2. That is one really well-choreographed commercial--but what does the ability to move in ways nature probably never intended have to do with computers, or tablets, or whatever the heck is being sold? Yeah, confusing. I don't think we're supposed to think about it, we're just supposed to go, "Aw, damn, that looked cool, I have to go buy that now!" A lot of commercials seem to operate on that premise. I'm not sure who's stupider, the marketing and advertising people who put this crap together or the idiots who buy the crap these ads are designed to promote.

    1. The person shelling out the money is, by definition, more stupid than the person receiving the money.