Sunday, August 4, 2013

And until Congress finally kills off the post office, we get regular mail service here, too!

I just love how this woman and her family are living in some fricking palace in the landscaped 'burbs, yet seem to be trying to convince us that she and hubby moved the entire brood to a desert island or the shadow of the D.E.W. Line, and Look How Amazing It Is That We Are Still Connected To Civilization LOL!

I also love how we are supposed to be happy that they are using that Connectivity"productively."  Dad is DOMINATING his fantasy leagues.  Daughter is downloading music to her phone.  Son is....umm...."doing his homework" by....umm...looking at somebody's generic idea of a "Dinosaur."  Yeah, the internet is soooooo vital to this family's daily survival and happiness.  WTF-ever, HughesNet.

But I still just can't get past the idea that these people are not exactly living on an orbiting space station or a shack in Upper Mongolia here.  So, where the hell are they where they could buy a multi-million dollar home which doesn't have standard (read: good, reliable) internet access?  My parents live on a farm in Orange, Vermont, five miles from the nearest...errr, "city," which last time I checked had a population of about 12,000.  The pavement ends about two miles from the house, and most of their neighbors are cows.  They have phone service and Dish Network, no problem.  So where do THESE people live?


  1. I love this ad. It is about as cliché and white bread as they get. I just wish Dad and the son said: "And we can download those porn videos that everyone is talking about."

    1. It really does have all the spice and imagination of any given SelectQuote ad--"Jim is 39, married, with three wonderful kids..."