Friday, August 16, 2013

Blackberry attempts to get into the shot of the photo of your life

I'll start by saying that I didn't even get through all of this- about a minute and a half through, I was just so damned sad at the matter-of-fact awfulness I had to just click "embed" and leave the rest alone.

The message of this commercial, in which multiple faceless people respond to their chirping Blackberries instead of interacting with each other like normal human beings, seems to be that your Blackberry is there for you at every one of those Very Special Moments of your life, making those moments somehow More Special- or, at least, more textable and tweetable.

The message I get from this commercial is- nowadays, people always have their phones out.  If they aren't already doing something on their phones, they will be any moment now, and when they do, well, that will interrupt what they were doing before they reacted like Pavlov's dogs and made that knee-jerk move for the phones.  If they aren't quite sure what to do, they'll soon be told- by their phones.  If they don't have anything to do, that's impossible, because after all they've got phones.

And all the things I've done for the first time- sat on a couch with a girl, walked with a girl, kissed a girl, got stuck in snow (I don't know why that scene is there, but maybe it makes sense if you watch the whole thing.  Not worth it) and be late for dinner- happened even though when I was as young(er)  blackberries were fruit which grew on bushes.  Somehow, I managed to do all this- without a glowing screen and the ability to text my thoughts instead of express them orally, or leave them unsaid, for better or for worse.

So, Blackberry?  Don't tell me that you are essential to my life, or anyone else's.  Don't tell me that you make life's wonderful moments better or more special, because that's BS too.  It's ok if cellphone commercials tell me that when Life Happens they are there because hey, I get that and knew that already.  But that's really all there is.  Everything in this ad happened or will happen to pretty much everyone and that is true whether we carry Blackberries or not, sorry.  You don't get to piggy-back on our moments.

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  1. All cellphones do is allow you to communicate, in various ways. That is a good thing, so you'd think it would be selling point enough. But no, we must be told it is cellphones that make life worth living.