Thursday, August 29, 2013

Warning: Watching may result in episodes of uncontrollable rage among some bloggers

Every time I see these commercials, I mentally take a sledgehammer to the faces of the grinning idiots in them.  Maybe it's because I think anyone who gets this much delight at the anticipation of eating the disgusting non-food served up by McDonalds totally deserves it.  Or maybe I just think McDonalds is really good at finding the most revoltingly horrible people to appear in it's ads.  Whatever it is, it's true of every single McDonalds commercial I see.  They make me want to hurt people- specific people.  These people.

If you find yourself happily chewing on "meaty, melty McCheeses" or sucking down "McFrappes" from the "McCafe" (gag) you have no taste, you have no sense, and unless you also have no money, you have no excuse for your terrible behavior and should be ashamed of yourself.  If you engage in some kind of intensely stupid frolicking behavior like the people in the second ad do, you need to ask someone to shoot you in your face.  Even if I could let everything else slide, I'm not excusing the unjustifiable fist-pump at the end of the second ad.  I mean, WTF?

I'm sure it doesn't mean I have a problem.  I don't know why I hate these commercials so much, but I do know it's not that.

And oh, by the way- it's pronounced FRAP.  I know "Frappe" makes it sound all foreign and worth more money and that's why you pronounce it like that, but it's FRAP.  Morons.


  1. They did it again! The first guy wraps his whole head around his stupid cheeseburger!

    1. I think the theory is to get it down the throat before the taste has a chance to catch up.

  2. I was scouring the Internet for that horrible Blue Buffalo dog food commercial (so I could make fun of it on my own blog) and found yours. I love it. I think we should force the women from the Blue Buffalo ads - who won't feed their dogs anything containing corn gluten - to consume a bag of McDonald's food. Just for kicks.