Saturday, August 3, 2013

Now Anne's just a long-term cell phone contract away from being financially stable

This is Anne.  She just got out of school, and she's got a "Freelance Gig."  Anne's got a quarter of a million dollars in student loans to pay back, but she's working freelance.  Anne's not the the sharpest tool in the shed.

Anne's freelance gig wasn't going very well, so she decided to hit Best Buy for "all the Samsung products she needs."  In other words, Anne decided that the reason she wasn't getting enough gigs to begin paying off those student debts was that she didn't have enough expensive electronic crap.  So she did what most people do when they find themselves with a large amount of debt and a small amount of money coming in - she accumulated more debt.

(Personally, I already have "all the Samsung products I need."  Which is to say, I don't own any Samsung products.)

Now that Anne has dug herself a deeper financial hole with a visit to Best Buy, she'd better start raking in the cash, because it sure looks like she's run out of excuses.  But what the heck, if all those new Samsung products don't make her more productive, I'm sure they at least make her downtime between gigs a lot more fun.  And she "needed" them, after all.

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