Saturday, July 27, 2013

She has to do a few things first, too- like change her Facebook status back to "Single"

1.  Remember all those times you were in a romantic restaurant, or sitting at home on the couch, or laying in bed, with this guy?  That was the time to start discussing the idea of starting a family.  Not in the middle of the fucking street, surrounded by people like me who aren't interested in your spontaneous "I want to pop out a mammal!" decision.

2.  You want to have a baby- with THIS guy?  Look at him.  I'm telling you to do this because you clearly haven't lately.  You want to mix your DNA with THIS guy?  Really?

3.  Listen to what this guy says in response.  He wants to go spelunking with his friends.  He "still hasn't built that killer robot."  I'll say it again- you want to have a baby- with THIS guy?  You want this guy helping you raise a little person- a guy who isn't sure he wants to start a family because after all, he hasn't crawled around underground with his drinking buddies or hibernated for six months in a basement to build a robot (and he's clearly over twelve?)  REALLY?

All is forgiven if this guy's Visions of a Pathetic, Developmentally Challenged Future interrupted the girl's sentence which, if allowed to continue, would have gone something like this:  "I want to have a baby- which means I need to find a stable, mature adult to be with.  Tootles!"

(Heads Up:  I'll be on vacation until next Saturday night at a place with no internet access again....see you when I get back!)

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