Monday, July 22, 2013

Nothing but nonstop hilarity over at Legal Seafoods

In the "grampa" commercial I snarked on a few weeks back, the "funny" tagline was that grampa dies and falls in the water, leaving little grandson hi-LARIOUSLY muttering "uh oh."

Because what could be funnier than grampa dying on a fishing trip with grandson?  Nothing, right?

Well, just hold on there.  Check this one out- a couple is out fishing together.  The female can't stop complaining.  So the male MURDERS HER AND TOSSES HER OVERBOARD.

LOL ROTFLMAO!!  I mean, someone call Nancy Grace, this one's got everything!

And to think that I came across this video trying to find the Legal Seafoods Commercial featuring a guy intentionally giving himself a concussion with a ceiling fan, and a woman crawling into a dryer and taking a spin (no, I'm not kidding.)  Neither scene even comes with a fricking "Scenes Simulated, Do Not Attempt" disclaimer.

This is better.  Which is to say much, much worse.

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