Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Break for the Commercial Curmudgeon!

First- please don't feel obligated to watch this hammy idiot point at stuff that happens to be in the United Kingdom.  I didn't.  The title of this video just suggested that it met my needs so I embedded it, because....

For the next ten days or so, I'm going to be touring England, Scotland and Wales.  I've wanted to visit the UK my entire life, and having put it off for various reasons I've finally run out of excuses not to go.  I won't have any internet access while I'm there, so my blog will be on hiatus until I return, early on July 23.

Shortly after I get back from across the pond (see, I'm already at least 10 percent more pretentious, and I haven't even left yet) I'll be taking another week off for the annual family trip to the beach, and the site will be out of commission then, too, but in between I'll be sure to drop in a few posts.  I like to pretend that this site is important and that some people will actually miss it (hey, don't deprive me of my delusions of significance!)

Anyway, I'll be back on the 23rd, so until then please enjoy the archives- or better yet, get offline and go outside and do something more worthwhile.    See you in the too-near future!

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