Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Another Audi "we are just asking you to hate these people" ad

All is forgiven if this guy, his tablet, and his "obsession" end up impaled together by the steering wheel of his fucking 1% DoucheMobile.  (The steering wheel he personally selected, of course.)

Seriously, Audi- as if 99.9 percent of the country could give a flying damn about a guy spending hours scrolling his finger across a screen to "manufacture" the exact Audi which would be perfect for him right down to the fricking color and tire style.  Especially those of us who can't afford one-tenth the frigging house this guy is living in - oh, or that god damned tablet, either.

So please, shove this obnoxious little nugget of hate back into that dark orifice you pulled it from in the first place, ok?

Oh, and just die. Now.  Please.


  1. Replies
    1. Except that it's not new, exactly right. All of the luxury auto/SUV commercials out there just scream "you are better than most people, why not let them know- and constantly remind yourself- by driving one of these ostentatious LookAtMeMobiles?"