Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More weirdness from the Next Big Thing

This one features a scene I have never actually witnessed in real life or in any other cell phone commercial- a techno-addicted dweeb actually using earbuds while watching something on his Best Friend In the Whole World.

This one also includes a funny line which I'm sure was not supposed to be a funny line- "it pauses whenever I turn away from the screen."  Hey, buddy- I've seen enough of you idiots to know that this is a feature which is totally unnecessary and will never be used by anyone with a cell phone.  You socially retarded zombies wouldn't look away if the people seated around you suddenly all burst into flame.  Maybe if you heard someone say "Starbucks is closing in five minutes," but I don't think even that would shake you from your obsession.

It also features an unfunny line which I believe is supposed to be a funny line- a guy who is supposed to be the Loser of this group (he's pale, fat and clean-shaven, so you KNOW he's the Doesn't Belong Guy) asks Alpha Male Because He's Got This Cool For the Moment Phone to call him- and AM, who we all KNOW has 1800 Facebook Friends of whom 1780 are total strangers, is very reluctant to do it.  Because Samsung's newest gadget lets you pause video by turning your head, but I guess it doesn't let you delete contacts or block incoming calls....whatever...

Leaving all of us just hoping that these dicks are all about to board the same doomed plane.

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