Thursday, July 25, 2013

Issues that a Credit Card isn't going to help you with....

Seriously, Erica- if stepping in gum, getting a parking ticket, and forgetting to make a payment to your credit card sets you off like this, I can only encourage you to hold on to that trendy boxing center membership.  Especially since you don't seem to be all that interested in oh, I don't know, Anger Management Therapy....

Maybe you can buy some sessions with your Rewards Points?


  1. Not to mention that all of the issues she faced that day were entirely her fault.

    1. Well, excellent point. This woman acts as if the world is out to get her, when in fact every single thing that "happened" to her was her own doing.

  2. The way Citibank funds this program is to hit their involuntary credit card defaulters with 2 year's worth of 29% penalty charges.