Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chevy Independence Day Commercial features two fantasies

1.  The Customers Who Just Want to Sign on the Dotted Line and Empty Their Wallets Fantasy.  Since this entire ad turns out to be the dream of a car salesman, it may be retitled "Getting My Commission Without Lifting a Finger."  The car salesman imagines that all he has to do is place himself strategically on the sales floor, and he'll be mobbed by drooling customers who will keep him busy all day selling cars as if they were McGreaseburgers on the Dollar Menu.   Maybe he imagines this because he sees it in pretty much every car commercial ever made by anybody.  Never in real life, mind you- but hey, this IS a dream after all.

2.  The You Can Have a Successful, Middle-Class Lifestyle As A Car Salesman Fantasy.  This guy wakes up to two little kids and an adoring, beautiful wife in what looks to be a rather substantial suburban house (ok, look, I have no idea how nice this house is.  It's summer, and I'm kind of doing these in a hurry, ok? Sue Me!)   In real life, car salesman don't make crap and unless they OWN the dealership or are related to the guy who does, they tend to move on to actual paying jobs as quickly as possible.  (Ok, I don't know this for sure either- I only know that if I was facing life as a car salesman, it would be a short life, and that's the way I would want it.)

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