Saturday, August 10, 2013

Oh, and "Rescue Me" was manipulative, predictable, boring tripe, too.

Surely I can't be the only one out there wondering where on Earth the Ford Motor Company got the idea that men are programmed to listen to Denis F--ing Leary's opinion about ANYTHING, let alone ready to respond to his "just do this if you aren't a pansy momma's boy" barkings.

And while we are at it, could someone explain to me why hauling dirt, towing rocks and doing all those other things maybe 1 percent of people who have ever owned a Ford Truck do with them is more honorable and appropriate than hauling pizzas?  Hey Denis, you have a problem with hauling pizzas?  You think that these trucks you are whoring are too good to haul pizzas (but just right for pulling rocks or hauling dirt- seriously, nobody does this!?)

Anyway, Earth to Denis:  Just shut the f--- up, ok?  Nobody gives a damn what you think of Ford Trucks,  no matter how many times you use the word "torque."  Get it?  Good.  Because it was bad enough to see you sniveling about how much Red Sox fans like losing before Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS, and how it didn't matter who won because "nobody's beating the Cardinals this year.  Nobody."  It was even worse that after this disgusting display, they actually let you narrate the World Series DVD (that would be the World Series in which the Sox swept those Cardinals "nobody's beating," btw.)  After that you really just needed to shut up and go away.  I'd settle for you getting off my television and stop trying to convince me that I lack testosterone if I don't want to spend $35,000 on a two-ton driveway decoration that lets me pretend I spend weekends towing rocks and hauling dirt.

By the way, want men to take you as an authority figure?  Go buy another "n" for your first name.  That would be a good start.

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  1. He should also try reeeeeaaaaally hard not to plagiarize other people when talking smack about stuff he doesn't know jack shit about.