Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hey, at least they are all using earbuds. That's something.

Here's an iPhone commercial which commits two sins very common in TV Land-

1.  First, it's too damned long.  We get what it's about in ten seconds, but it proceeds to go on for thirty.  People like using their phones to listen to music.  It's not complicated. WE GET IT.  We DON'T NEED SIX MORE EXAMPLES OF SELF-ABSORBED MORONS LISTENING TO THEIR PHONES.  We GET that the iPhone can be used as a RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE WALKMAN.  Can we move on now please?

2.  Second, it's pointless.  If you have an iPhone, you already know you can download and listen to music on it.  If you don't have an iPhone, is this really the feature that is going to get you to finally break down and buy one?  Not the forty million Apps?  Not the games?  I won't even ask about actually using it to call and talk to people- when was the last time that was used as a selling point for any cell phone?

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