Saturday, December 7, 2013

No kidding. It does not get sadder than this

This creepy mannequins in this commercial are chirping at us that the way to make the holidays a little brighter is to take out a loan on your car title and then use that money to buy stuff.  While an even creepier elf-thing does a drunk little dance in the background  (I don't know what that is about at all.)

If you don't have much money- here's an idea!  Just put your car up as collateral, get yourself some extra money, and spend it on stuff you don't really need!  I mean, your car is just sitting there, and people you know are expecting things under the tree- what are you waiting for?

Because this makes a lot more sense than just living within your freaking means, and rejecting the Buy Buy Buy message being force-fed to society every November through February (Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day has become 90-day orgy of excess, hasn't it?)  Hey, do blood banks still pay for plasma donations?

1 comment:

  1. I'd move your timeline back to Halloween-- evidently it is the second most expensive holiday. People must have those giant blow-up decorations, fancy store bought costumes and tons of candy!