Sunday, December 8, 2013

One Dryer+ Sixteen Hours= More than one pizza, I'd think

1. Why is Jim so determined to use only one dryer for all of his clothes?  It's clear that there are plenty of dryers that are not being used all around the one he is trying to break.  And it's not to save money, because we are told it took "16 hours to dry all his clothes," and "his hoodie was still a little damp" even then.

2.  Is Jim really eating pizza in a laundromat?  Yeah, there's nothing like the smell of soap, bleach and dirty socks to get your appetite cranked up, huh, Jim?

3.  Is Jim really going to be handling his finally sort-of-dry laundry with hands that just spent fifteen minutes delivering pizza to his face?  Jim isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, is he?

1 comment:

  1. 1. I think the ad is saying Jim is shortsighted in a way that many people who must pay money to dry their clothes are; i.e., he thinks he'll save money by cramming all his laundry into one dryer, then doesn't even really admit his folly to himself when he ends up having to put in more and more money and spend more and more time to finally get the clothes dry simply because he crammed them all into one machine, when if he'd only acknowledged reality and split them up amongst two or three machines, they'd have sufficient circulation space and heat to all get nicely dry in 1/16th the time and for much less money. Not as little money as if he could've gotten them all dry on one cycle in one machine rather than two or three, but still.

    2. Yeah, he is eating pizza in a laundromat. I mean, he's been there 16 hours. He's so hungry even the smell of soap, bleach and dirty socks won't put him off.

    3. Yeah, he is, and no, he's not.

    Now, I have a question: Why does Pizza Hut consider Jim a role model of "greatness," or claim to?

    Oh, yeah, because it's trying to get idiots just like him to buy its pizza. Because Pizza Hut knows it's easy to get dumb guys like Jim to spend money stupidly. After all, look how much money it's costing them to dry their laundry.