Sunday, May 10, 2015

Here's a better idea: Parent your freaking brats

I guess the message of this stupid pile of dreck from Volkswagen is that children are destructive, nasty little creatures who are totally incapable of being taught how to behave (or, at least, incapable of being taught how to behave when their mom is an easily-distracted, totally disinterested, self-absorbed jackass who lets them run around convenience stores unsupervised while she pumps gas.)  The solution?  Nope- it's not Unlimited Talk, Text and Streaming this time.  It's to buy a car that allows you to get from Point A to Point B without stopping- so if your kids want to be horrible little monsters, they'll have to hurl themselves out of the moving car as it passes 7-11 to do it.

BTW, we know where the "mom" is in this ad- putting gas in the car, and (if she has any brain cells left) contemplating taking off, faking her own death, and starting a new life in another country.  But why aren't there any store employees around to stop these awful creeps from doing so much damage?  Are they just watching this happen?  Are they distracted by the losers carefully picking out scratch-off tickets at the counter?  Has the last ounce of life been sucked out of them and they are fully aware of what is going on at the store- but simply don't give a damn anymore?  I  mean, what the hell?

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  1. I really hate the message of ads like these: that if you don't do something as a parent to make sure you are helicoptering over your children 24 hours a day and monitoring their every move, they are going to engage in hellishly unacceptable and undisciplined behavior the second they are out of your sight.

    It is not supposed to be that way. You're supposed to train your kids how to behave so that they will do it even when you are NOT there to make them mind you. So that you can take them out into the rest of the world and trust they will not destroy it if you turn your head for a second.

    The message of this ad is that such a feat is impossible, so your only solution to taking a trip with your children is to be sure you never have to take your eyes off them to do anything else. You know, like put gas in the car.

    Is that why we didn't act like hellions when we were on trips as kids? Because gas-station attendants still pumped gas back then? I don't think so. More like "You kids better behave or I'm leaving you behind at the gas station and not coming back. And it's not a gas station with a convenience store like the ones that will exist when you are adults. It's just a GAS STATION with oil and windshield wipers and air filters and a crummy restroom that hasn't been cleaned in decades. You are not going to like it. So shape up or you're getting left there."

    We behaved.