Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mindy's got Nationwide Issues

1.  The idea that a good-looking woman could be invisible is more than a little absurd on its face.  And this woman is good-looking.  Her personality?  Revolting.  Her looks?  Not an issue at all.

1(a) could it be that Mindy has been "invisible" because her chip-on-her-shoulder personality is so caustic, a lot of people just try to screen her out and pretend she isn't there?  You know, as kind of a defensive measure?

2.  Try to imagine this commercial with a man in the title role.  Can't, can you?  Maybe that's because it's still acceptable to show women doing things like gorging on ice cream and getting bent out of shape at the idea of being ignored and even touching someone without asking first.  But if this commercial featured a man touching a female stranger and then copping an attitude when called on it- nope, sorry.  Can't see that happening.


  1. This commercial always makes me talk back to the TV. When she talks about how could he have a problem with a good-looking woman touching his body, I always say something like "Well, maybe is one did..." etc. I can't stand Mindy's personality, and her ego just amplifies the fact that she is not, in fact, all that attractive.

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  3. I had the same thought. No way does a commercial show a man groping a woman and then act like he was doing her a favor not lead to several tirades and a campus sit-in.

  4. This is a good point. If a man were in this role, I'd be revolted by him questioning why a woman should be offended by a good-looking man just walking up to her and touching her. This is something we're actively trying to tell men is NOT OK. And it's not OK if women do it, either.