Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"Stop messing with the insane Toyota lady!"

"You know her brain is so fried on Uppers that she'll talk to anything that gets within three feet of her desk!"

In this commercial, Toyota finally admits that Jan is a loopy basket case who might as well have a pull string attached to her back.  I'm not sure why a toy drone was used in this ad- a squirrel wandering in to the showroom would have worked just as well.  Oh, but that would have deprived us of the Obnoxious, Ugly Kid Motif.  We would have managed, Toyota.

I think Jan should be introduced to Red.  Jan could bleat the virtues of Toyota's latest Can't Miss Sales Event, and Red could reply by reciting the Wendy's menu and expressing amazement that anyone would ever eat anywhere else, ever.  Those loons totally deserve adjoining cells in whatever asylum worn-out spokeschoads end up in when their companies finally realize (usually two or three years after their audience) that no one thinks that they are funny, interesting or persuasive anymore.

(BTW, I can't help but hope that toy drone ends up scratching an unsold car or causing an injury to some customer who innocently walked into Toyota expecting to be able to look at automobiles without being victimized by yet another parent-deprived little brat.  Because- enough, already.  Hire a babysitter and leave your spawn at home, or take away the potentially destructive toy for a few minutes while you're in the building.  You know, like PARENTS would do.)

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