Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hey, Subaru? We can wait, too

Specifically, we can wait for the kids in this commercial to grow up to be impatient, self-absorbed, entitled knobs who think that the rules of the road simply shouldn't apply to them because after all, they were only gone five minutes and are in a hurry and where does everyone else get off being on THEIR road, anyway?

Hey, maybe a few of these kids will even grow up to say "to hell with it" when it comes to getting stuck in traffic jams, being handed parking tickets, etc. and just learn the bus schedules or (gasp) just WALK to places within a reasonable distance.  Not only will they avoid the joys of car ownership demonstrated here, but they might just find themselves wealthier and healthier because they aren't spending so much time sliding their well-fed asses into padded seats and then basically being immobile as the car does all the work.

Assuming that doesn't happen and these twerps grow up to be proud owners of gas-guzzling, environment-raping money vampires just like Dear Old Dad, well, like I just said- we can wait.  Enjoy your toy car and exercise and fresh air while you can, kids.  For some reason I can't explain, you'll be giving it all up for an expensive, showy pile of tin, fiberglass and electronics soon enough.

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  1. Eh, that kid's Subaru will probably just drive itself.