Saturday, October 24, 2015

But at 7-11 I can pick up a Big Gulp and do my investing at the same time

As near as I can tell, the people in this ad were taken in by the fake broker because he used what to them were impressive terms like "401k" and "Asset Management."  I'm giving them a little credit- maybe it was the use of the word "Retirement" that won them over- or the glass doors to his office.

Whatever it was, this is just another of a long line of ads which aims at the less than 10 percent of Americans who find themselves with a little bit of money at the end of each month and actually want to try to grow it for the future instead of going for the bigger Data Plan Package or treating VISA to something other than the minimum monthly payment.   Not the kind of people who think that they are doing something amazingly smart by setting up a college fund with a company that makes baby food, or who think being financially wise involves taking advantage of every Buy One Get One Free deal at McDonald's.  Because they don't have any cash to hand over to actual brokers or DJs beyond that $2 per week they use to invest in the Powerball.

So good luck in your quest to get your share of the Extra Money very, very few Americans have these days, CFP.  With Voya, Edward Jones, Morgan Stanley, etc. out there chasing the same diminishing group of people who are doing better than just getting by and just keeping up, you've got a tough job ahead of you.   I guess that explains these stupid ads.  They don't put any more money in our pockets, but hell- neither do ads for the iPhone6, and lots of people on the margins were apparently willing to ignore the reality of their financial situation to line up to buy that Just Because.

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