Sunday, October 18, 2015

This woman's universe is in ruins for several seconds, until she remembers she has Clorox

Another commercial featuring a woman standing in the middle of a gleaming-white kitchen/auditorium (seriously, check out the acoustics!) which is considerably larger than my apartment, complaining because Oh Look There's a Brown Spot Which Totally Distracts from the Retina-Destroying Whiteness of My Enormous White Kitchen.  Thank goodness for Clorox, because with a few squirts of a toxic chemical, her life can go back to being Impossibly Clean and White in just a few moments.

Yes, all praise to Clorox, which bleaches our world back to the way it's Supposed To Be.  I suspect this woman did not read the Not To Be Taken Internally disclaimer.


  1. Heaven forbid that she have a higher purpose in life than making sure her kitchen is glittering white, eh?

    1. Life is scary, he's got money, so what the hell.

  2. You know what would be an even better idea than using Clorox Clean-Up? Not having a kitchen counter made of any kind of TILE. Because you know damn well stains are going to get into the grouting and Never. Come. Out. Besides, crap just gets trapped in there and is hard to scrub out because it's beneath the surface. Better to have a smooth countertop, whether it's the superexpensive granite or quartz stuff, or just plain old lousy Formica--at least stains don't get in the grouting.