Saturday, October 17, 2015

I bet this guy won't come in on Thanksgiving, either. Talk about ungrateful!

"When did leaving work on time become an act of courage?"  Well, it started during the 1980s, when the gutting of the Middle Class became Job No. 1 for our "representative" government, which basically represents the Lords of Capitalism and no one else.   But since that's not really the message of this commercial....

Clearly this guy IS the only worker in the city who actually leaves work on time, because he's got every street to himself.  He's literally the ONLY person on the road.  So everyone works until 6 PM now?  Suddenly I appreciate my job even more than I already did.

And as long as everyone else in the city is just going to stare at his car as he drives home to his Suburban McMansion to catch his wife nailing the guy who drives the ice cream truck because she didn't expect Hubby to be home so early, why don't they just go home?  They aren't getting any work done anyway.

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