Tuesday, October 27, 2015

GE doesn't stand for "Good Enough," I guess.

I'm a history teacher- one of several at my school.  If I were this guy, I'd be telling my friends and family that I teach every class at my school while simultaneously running the payroll department and handling all parent-teacher relationships as well as handling all repairs.  Seriously, this jackass is so miserable at the prospect of working for GE that he has to try to convince his loser friends and family that he's basically going to be responsible for the running of the entire freaking company?  What kind of insecurity is being exhibited here?

On the other hand, if he is proud of the job he actually got and not the one he's fantasizing/lying about, why does he give a fat rat's ass what his slacker loser family and friends think?  "Hey, I'm working for GE- which means I can expect to bring home a decent paycheck every two weeks.  When you slack-jawed yokels can keep the lights on without hitting the Money Store for a payday loan and stop getting all your furniture from Rent-A-Center, you can snark on my job.  Until then, kiss my ass and check out my new car."

I get the feeling that these drooling white trash idiots save their admiration for the brother-in-law who just got promoted to Assistant Manager at PapaJohns and gets to bring the leftovers home after working the 6PM- 2AM shift.  It's pizza for breakfast every other day at his place, freakin' awesome man!


  1. Absolutely hate this series of ads. It doesn't even succeed as a commercial because on the few occasions I've miserably sat through them they don't make sense.
    Why is dad confused? A hammer? Does he think he's working on the railroad? In 1953?
    Nobody hears GE and wonders "hmm, is it a physical job or an office job?"
    It reminds me of those ridiculous Buick ads where the idiot is confused about what a Buick looks like. I'm a middle aged white guy with a moderate love of sports cars but I can't look at a parking lot of sedans and point and go "that's a Ford, that's a Nissan, that's a Buick" the shapes of cars are melting into each other and becoming generic. Unless its a car I've owned or a friend owns I need to see the damn logo to tell.
    Maybe GE will start making cars and then I can REALLY hate their ads!

    1. "It's official, I'm working for IBM!"
      "International Business Machines! Awesome! Here's grampa's old oil can and wrench set, he'd be proud of you!"
      "Um...actually, I'll be working out of a cubicle typing on a keyboard all day. But I'm starting at $75Gs a year...."
      "You are Not My Son."

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