Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Nissan Rogue craps all over a classic song. Nothing new here

Lily-white suburban jackasses race eachother home from the airport in their whitebread Nissan Rogues, checking out who can get back to the Made of Ticky-Tacky plywood palace first.  Because Family, don't you know.

For some reason- probably because the people who wrote this awful ad have no sense of dignity or respect- it's all played to the song "War."

Lily-white jackasses end in a tie again, despite the best efforts of both to drive dangerously fast down crowded streets and construction sites in order, avoid being the one who makes the hot dogs and potato salad, I guess.

All in good fun, since apparently nobody actually died during the contest.  The only casualties were, again, dignity and respect.  Oh, and basic decency.  F--you, Nissan.


  1. This has to be one of the most tone-deaf uses of a classic song that ever was. I mean, they actually included the following lyrics in the ad:

    "War, it ain't nothing but a heartbreaker
    War, it's got one friend
    That's the undertaker
    Ooooh, war has shattered
    Many a young man's dreams
    Made him disabled, bitter and mean...
    They say we must fight to keep our freedom
    But Lord knows there's got to be a better way"

    I ask you: What the HELL do those lyrics have to do with two asinine jackwagons racing home in their cars?

    I also ask you: Why would ANY car manufacturer want its product to be associated in a TV viewer's mind with heartbreak, death, shattered dreams, disability, bitterness, and meanness? Especially death and disability, given that both of those things can result from the type of reckless driving shown in this ad?

    Whoever created this ad Just. Wasn't. Thinking. Or at least not beyond the idea of "Ha ha, we'll show these two people racing home, and we'll imply they're at war with each other to get home first by having that song 'War' playing in the background. It'll be funny, because of course it's not real war. Ha ha."

    It's not funny. It's just tasteless.

    1. A few years ago I posted my immense disgust over a car commercial using Emerson, Lake and Palmer's antiwar song "Lucky Man" to pimp one of their overpriced LookAtMeMobiles. That was even worse than this crud.

  2. Advertisers! Ugghh! Good God Y'all!
    What are they good for?
    Absolutely NOTHING!!!!

  3. I came back here just because I was watching football playoffs and noted that this ad is still running, but--interestingly enough--the vocals with the lyrics have been removed from the music. Gosh, I wonder why! Did somebody finally wake up? Did they get complaints? We can only hope. Still a stupid ad, but at least no longer at that level of mega-stupidity.

    1. Either they got complaints or it was just the typical "giv'em the short version now" bit. Still horrible- the only way this ad gets saved is if both of these jackass "to hell with everyone's safety, I need to get home before the other guy"idiots crash their cars. And the "order in?' at the end just puts an exclamation point on the awfulness- yes, we know you've got money and don't NEED to cook. We GET it.