Thursday, May 12, 2016

And it comes with Cortana, so you won't forget to keep your damn head screwed on

So if this guy didn't have Windows 10, there's no way he could remember something so complicated as having a play date with his own daughter?  Since his daughter is obviously older than Windows 10, can we assume that he repeatedly forgot to show up for Daddy time before he was able to upgrade?

How on Earth did parents ever manage to organize their lives, including scheduling quality time with their kids, before Windows 10?  Maybe they never did.  That certainly would explain why so many people grew up to be antisocial, insufferable jerks.

Oh and BTW, is it ok that I really can't stand that "in my world" line?  Seriously, could you be just a little less self-important?  Your routine.  Your life.  Your schedule.  All work better and make you sound a lot less like a totally absorbed douchenozzle than "in my world."  You don't get your own world, even if you do have Windows 10.  Just bite me, ok?


  1. Before my iPhone, Blackberry and Palm Pilot, I used to keep a small weekly datebook. This was up to about 2005. Never did the Filofax thing; they were like carrying around encyclopedias. I liked the datebooks that were about the size of check books, because you could stick them in your back pocket.

  2. There used to be things called "having a short term memory" and "jotting down notes in a day planner."

    1. Those, apparently, just don't fly in this guy's "world."