Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Another one of these "you might not be able to afford to die" commercials

The "average cost" of a funeral is $7500?  Oh wait, it gets even worse- funerals can cost "up to $30,000."

Thirty thousand dollars?  Who the hell do you think you are, Rameses III?  You hoping for the whole package including embalming with honey and sawdust?  You want to be laid on on a bed of silk and gold-flecked truffles wearing an Armani tux?  Or maybe you want a Lexus instead of a pine box?

As I've posted before in reacting to ads like this, there is ZERO reason for a funeral to cost anywhere NEAR what these commercials claim.  But if you have determined that you deserve some kind of showy display when you die, I guess you'd better buy this insurance.  Because no one in their right mind would go into debt to put someone in the freaking ground.  Spending money is for the living, sorry.

"Donate his body to science" is mentioned in this ad, but then quickly dropped- apparently that's not really an option for David, because Reasons.  Biggest reason, I'm guessing:  there's no money in it for anyone.

 Leave the money you might have selfishly set aside for a ridiculously ornate box no one will ever see after the burial for, oh gee, I don't know, an f--ing college fund for a granchild.  I have to explain this to you? I thought old people were supposed to be smart- Greatest Generation and all that crap?

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