Friday, May 27, 2016

See, it's funny because it's DirectTV and this is America and we really, really suck

It probably says nothing good about me that I'm less freaked out about the guy's half-smile at contemplating the total disintegration of his son (why didn't the crayon scrawls on the wall also vanish, btw?) than I am about the fact that this couple is settling down to watch television while their bored kid is reduced to scribbling on the wall and sunlight is streaming through the windows of their suburban mansion.  Anyone take their kids outside anymore?

Ok, on to the "reconsider that second child" bit, because I know that's the part that's getting most of the reaction.  Yeah, that's a pretty damned horrible thing for Bon Jovi to be singing- I guess the message is that if only this couple had more control over their television, they wouldn't have resorted to sex to pass the time and Ooops No. 2 would never have shown up......and right now they wouldn't be moaning about missing a show while that kid was quietly stewing in the world of despair created by his asshat parents, desperately trying to get their attention the only way he knows how, not yet realizing that not only do they not give a damn about him, but kind of regret that he even exists.

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  1. I am so glad you chose to rag on this commercial. Yeah, I know kids are expensive, and yeah, this one looks like a brat, and yeah, I know many parents have reported that if they had it to do over again they never would've had kids. Still, seeing the fantasy of this couple's never having had their second kid graphically depicted by just having him VANISH is really revolting. They've had this kid for how many years, and now they're just fine with him disappearing right before their eyes and forgtetting they ever had him in the first place?

    Yet another one to add to the list of Events in Commercials That I Am Supposed to Find Hilarious, But That I Actually Find Highly Disturbing. Right up there with anthropomorphic pieces of cereal gleefully eating each other and people sadistically announcing to "newborn babies" who happen to be Pop-Tarts that they intend to eat them.