Sunday, May 8, 2016

Fios Presents: The Television Addict's version of the DTs

Seems to me that these two people would be having a perfectly nice evening together, except that one of them is obviously a television addict who is suffering withdrawal symptoms so severe that she must ultimately abandon her friend and rush back to her superior cable service for a fix.

Because several minutes of being forced to use her atrophied brain- as well as attempting to use equally atrophied social skills- was just too much for this "I'm just gonna check because sitting here face to face not watching television is way too painful for me" lunatic.

Her abandoned friend is so much better off now- because she knows the value of that friendship she thought she had.  Good luck in finding real friends, lady.

1 comment:

  1. Not much different than the orgasmic attachment many have to their iPhones---with the many apps for doing everything under the sun via the micro-gadgets (outside of shitting, pissing, eating and sleeping).