Tuesday, May 10, 2016

We went through this just LAST year, Dish Network!

First, the only thing more annoying than the guy's voice in this ad is the girl's voice in this ad.  Seriously, my ears are still bleeding.

Second, what's with the dancing?  The guy can't know she's dancing on the other end of the phone.  Did they both turn on the same music at the same time?  If he's excited about getting a "great deal" on cable, why is SHE dancing?  Why are her coworkers dancing?  They are just operator drones, after all, and while we are on that subject....

Third, are we really supposed to believe that Dish Network is hiring white Americans to run their phone banks?  Because I don't.  This girl and her coworkers are way, way too pale and middle class-looking to be working for Dish.  I'm thinking more Pakistani boiler room myself.  Maybe this explains why they are dancing- do they get an extra quarter for every person they sign up?  Or are they under a quota to sign up a certain number of callers per day or face dismissal?

Fourth, the little girl walking into the room with the cell phone to find that her father is acting like an idiot....oh, never mind.  Little girl with cellphone.  Dad's an idiot.  Supposed to be funny, Because.  Nothing more needs to be said about this.

Fifth, this commercial is from last year, when Dish Network ran exactly the same "exclusive" price lock deal (sign a two-year contract featuring large early termination fees and the price is locked in for those two years) for eight freaking months- yep, eight months of this awful crap pouring out of my radio and television hundreds of times a day, casually dropped into conversation by talk show hosts, etc.  It was awful, but it finally ended last November.

But now it's back.  Same deal.  Same obnoxious delivery.  And, I'm guessing, it will continue through late autum, just like last year.  Get the remote ready.

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