Monday, May 16, 2016

"Drainers?" Hey, that's racist!

Let's hope that the drainers are also stabbers.  And are well-armed.

Seriously, people still eat these ridiculously overpriced cups of chopped fruit?  Do they realize that they are paying maybe $50 a pound for the fruit in those cups?  Are they just too damned white and rich to give a damn, or what?


  1. 1 -- Who says you can't drink the syrup?

    2 -- How would the "oh, they're drainers" lady feel if she got what she deserves -- someone mashing her with a fruit cup packed in syrup? Do you think she'd drink the syrup then?

  2. These people make all white folk look bad. Substitute "drainers" for "blacks", "hispanics" or "arabs". That's what I hear in my head when I see this commercial.