Sunday, May 22, 2016

What, no Mood Ring or Earth shoes? You fail again, AT&T!

So in the latest episode in the ridiculously long-running series "cute AT&T girl determined to hang on to this gig until she becomes the Flo of Cell Phone Sales," a woman drops in from Hollywood's idea of the 1960s to buy an iPhone because her Horoscope told her to.

Naturally the woman is spacey and decked out in what everyone assumes every woman was wearing fifty years ago and- we can assume- spends a lot of her time chanting and smoking pot and Embracing The Real and Simplifying and Rejecting Conformity, etc. etc. etc.  Except that she wants an iPhone so she can be like pretty much everyone else.  Uh huh.

So Cute AT&T girl gets to make another sale and AT&T gets to check off another box on their People to Insult list.  Are they going to keep this up until I finally break down and buy an iPhone?  Don't hold your breath, AT&T.  Still don't need your toy.   Can't convince me I do.  Stupid stereotype of a hippy played by a woman who looks like she was born during the Clinton Administration isn't going to cut it.

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  1. One thing about these iPhones: As expensive as they are, don't any of them come with voice mail? It seems every time someone's phone rings they "have to" answer it immediately to keep from losing the call---no matter where they may be they have to take the call.