Saturday, May 7, 2016

Another Investments Ad Overflowing with Pretention.....

I'm quite certain that I've never given one damn less about anything than I do about how well this couple of elderly douchenozzle faux liberals* are doing with their retirement investments.  I'm sure they can continue to afford the regular European vacations and brie parties in which they tongue-cluck over how superawesome Bernie Sanders and how hard it is to Find Good Help Around The House These Days, ocassionally loudly remembering how they once supported this or this Cause back in college.  And have micropigs for pets because....well, because dogs and cats are nice but so very, very common.

*by faux liberal, I mean the kind of liberal Pete Ochs used to sing about- the bs showy jackasses who stick Feel The Bern bumper stickers on their Audis so they look good in the parking lot at Whole Foods and who know exactly how many black "friends" they have (and who really wish they had more gay friends, because that's so much more in vogue these days...) but who breathed a huge sigh of relief when their daughter came home with a white male boyfriend.

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