Saturday, May 28, 2016

Another idea I should have come up with....

Selling a piece of plastic and tin that can be attached to a television for $19.99 plus $15.99 shipping and handling, and throwing in another one for "free" for another $15.99 shipping and handling (because that's where the money REALLY is in these scams- grabbing the customer with the "buy one, get one free" bs.)  Two pieces of plastic and tin for $36 which will allow you to pick up the exact same channels you could get with a pair of rabbit ears available at your local dollar store for maybe $10.

Then again, I have this conscience thing I'd have to deal with.  Stupid conscience thing.


  1. The part I hate most about this commercial: where the woman explains how she just took the Free TV Key out of the box, attached it to her TV, and "now I get to watch all my FAVORITE broadcast channels FOR FREE!" I imagine her being told to hit the word "favorite" hard, which is why it annoys me so much.

    Think about it: Do you have a "favorite" broadcast channel? Does anyone have a "favorite" broadcast channel? Of course not. People have "favorite" TV shows, that happen to be shown on particular broadcast channels, so when they want to watch their favorite shows, they have to watch the channels they're on. But they don't have "favorite" broadcast channels. Sure, back in the old days each of the Big Three networks tried to convince us every fall that it had all the programs we would ever need or want to watch, but we knew better and whatever we liked, we watched, whatever channel it was on. Nothing has changed in that respect. Yet they have nothing else to sell this product with aside from the fact that it lets you pick up over-the-air broadcasts without cable (just as rabbit ears do, as you pointed out), so they have to pound home the idea that it lets you watch all your "favorite" broadcast channels and picks up "top-rated shows." Well, guess what--it picks up "bottom-rated shows," too. It picks up ALL the broadcast network shows. Big deal!

  2. I'm guessing a lot of NO SIGNAL and WEAK SIGNAL from this device.