Thursday, July 7, 2016

Just a few things about this Ring Doorbell system....

1.  There is simply no way that the video is as good in real life as it appears in this ad, sorry.  Not buying it.

2.  The video-doorbell is pretty distinctive-looking.  It seems to me that professional thieves will quickly learn to totally ignore it when they hear the voice of a person pretending to be home.

3.  This is the second ad for this device that features someone telling the person at the door "we are busy bathing the children right now."  I guess this is the only thing they could come up with as an excuse not to come to the door- bathing children?  Why not just "I'm busy right now?"  Who feels the need to make up a plausible excuse for a total stranger at the door?

4.  That woman sure looks delighted to have the opportunity to use the rewind feature of her Ring video doorbell sytem  to show a friend that.....a dog just took a dump on her lawn.  Seriously, THAT'S the way she uses the rewind feature.  I'm sure the friend really, really appreciated being shown that instead of just being told.

5.  Why do the people who own these systems feel they have the right to monitor then entire street in front of their houses?  It looks as though this camera could be used to look into the houses of neighbors.

I guess this is better than the "if you don't have a high-tech Security Alert system with 24/7 monitoring, someone is going to break down your door in broad daylight and murder you" ads.  But not much, because it's still peddling a pretty intensive level of paranoia.  Hey, greasy people toasting yourselves with enormous glasses of wine?  You aren't that special, sorry.


  1. Whenever I see this woman saying "I'm bathing the children right now," I wonder how this is going to stop some really sick psycho from kicking down the door and training a gun on her and her presumably being-bathed children. I mean, talk about catching someone at a vulnerable time. Yeah, I know it's highly unlikely and real burglars would rather not encounter anyone at home when they break in, but I really would rather come up with a better excuse than "I'm bathing the children."

    Think of the options:

    "Sorry--I'm oiling my gun and my hands are all greasy, so I can't answer the door."

    "I'm feeding my pit bull--he's very demanding, I have to give him fresh meat three times a day or he gets really nasty--could you come back later?"

    "I was just on my way out the door to my heavyweight boxing match--if I'm late, I'll forfeit. Gotta go."

    Of course, these are pretty absurd, but then again, the ad is pretty absurd.

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