Friday, July 29, 2016

Please explain this McDonald's ad to me?

I guess the message of this ad is that two professional lobster fisherman would actually finish a day of catching lobsters with a trip to McDonalds to eat what that "restaurant" laughingly refers to as it's Lobster Roll.  It reminds me of those stupid cereal ads which show people working all day at filling boxes with Honey Bunches of Oats or whatever and then sitting down to eat the stuff.  As if the food you are preparing for hours every day would actually be the same food you'd want to eat when the day is done.  Please.

But then again, the lobster in a McDonalds lobster roll probably tastes so dramatically different from the lobster you'd get at any decent seafood restaurant, maybe that really isn't a problem.

But no matter how many times I watch this mess, I simply cannot understand how it ends.  It looks as if the kid is about to reach for his lobster roll, and his dad gives him a "yeah, I can't believe we are eating this crap, either" look.  And then the kid gives a half-smile and resigned "well, we can't afford to actually eat the lobsters we catch, it's pretty sad but this is the best we can do" look right back.  But maybe I'm just misinterpreting?


  1. This McLobster or whatever they call it must be a regional New England thing, as they are not advertising it here. I can see why you'd be looking at it askance. With the plethora of local summer options available where you can eat an authentic lobster roll in perhaps even a nice authentic seaside setting right near where the people on the boats caught it, why ever would you go to McD's to eat one?

    Around here the local offering during the NBA playoffs was the "Cavs Dinner Box," one of those monstrosities where they put a few Quarter Pounders, a 20-piece McNuggets (I think) and a fryer basket full of fries in one box so you and your buds can eat it while watching games (assuming you all want to gain so many pounds during the whole thing that you can't move from your seat anymore). I admit there were times when things weren't going so well and I thought "They won't be able to run these ads too much longer." But I got fooled on that one. And really, considering how heart-stopping the finals were, eating that much artery-clogging food while watching the games probably didn't do anyone much good. Next year, McD's should switch to salads for this offer. Call it the "Avoid a Triple Bypass Dinner Box."