Monday, July 4, 2016

Unless he's in a bomb shelter and Armageddon has arrived, there's simply no excuse for this

I just gotta ask- if not for Amazon Fire TV, what was the most likely scenerio for the guy in this ad- opening a book, or committing suicide?

Earth to the People of Earth:  When you find yourself having no idea how to get on with your life between seasons of your favorite show, television has become way, way too important to you.  Instead of being in a "show hole," imagine if this ad had depicted a man trapped in an airplane on a six-hour flight and suffering withdrawal symptoms because he badly wants a cigarette.  Or suffering from the DTs because he forgot to pick up some cash and the liquor service can't check credit cards.  Would anyone think there was anything funny about it?

The guy in this ad is sitting in a dark room, all by himself (except that his best friend, the television, has suddenly stopped servicing him.)  He has lost his reason to live because Game of Thrones is on hiatus.  I wonder if he ever expected more from the world than this.  Fortunately for him, Amazon is not going to make him think about it for very long, 'cause Look More Stuff To Watch Wow That Was Close You Almost Actually Got Up.  Ugh, this is sad.


  1. This looks more like a shock-horror PSA warning about the dangers of streaming addiction than something that might actually promote the service.

  2. The thing that really makes this ad absurd is that even without Amazon Fire TV, there are so many shows these days on so many networks, starting up new seasons at so many different times, that there's just no excuse on the planet for not being able to find SOMETHING new to watch, even if TV is your entire life. And chances are that even if you can't find anything new, you just might find something you never watched before that you can now binge-watch seasons of someway, somewhere.

    This guy doesn't look old enough to remember the days of having maybe three channels to watch, and all the new shows starting in the fall, with not much more than a possible midseason replacement series before the summer, and then a bunch of summer replacement series that were often quite pathetic. He never could've survived in those days. Do something with your life besides watching an endless supply of your favorite TV shows? A fate worse than death!