Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ugh. Just pay your damn taxes, scofflaws!

"If you owe the IRS $10,000 or more in back taxes, you are probably feeling the stress, anxiety, and fear that comes naturally to people who ignore their obligations to pay their fair share year to year and who figure that, eventually, the free ride is going to come to an end and the Big Bad IRS is going to demand that you stop making others carry your burden.  For some reason, we are expected to feel sorry for you."

"Inexplicably, we are also expected to feel sorry for you when you chomp like a starving bass at bait like this commercial, and hand over even more money you don't have to a Tax Dodging Service, like all the phony people with initials instead of last names who claim that with one phone call to this Very Friendly and Knowledgeable Company they managed to get their perfectly legitimate tax burden reduced by 95%, when you find yourself in even bigger trouble with the IRS and with less money than you would have had if you had just called the Treasury Department and come clean, morons."

"Personally, if you fall for this ad and throw your money at this bs 'service,' I think you get exactly what you deserve, deadbeat.  May sound mean, but as someone who pays his taxes on time all the time and doesn't look to skip out on my responsibility as a citizen of this country, that's how it is."


  1. The odd thing is that when the Pythons created a parody of ads like this forty years ago, they had no idea that someone would actually do stuff like this. My guess is that the next ads will be "Dare to be arrested", "Dare to be hounded out of town" and "Dare to be buried in a potter's field."

    1. the radio ads were even worse- "I owed $30,000 to the IRS- thirty thousand dollars! The IRS was getting ready to garnish my wages, they were going to hang me out to dry.." um, no, actually, YOU were in the process of hanging US, the honest taxpayers, out to dry, you whiny-ass cheat!