Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Three successful, well-known icons of their trade....and Kevin Nealon?

1.  Didn't lightning used to kill people on golf courses?  Why doesn't that happen anymore?

2,  Did these guys all meet in a Facebook group--"Rich guys who like to play golf and who also take Xerelto?"

3.  Is anything in this ad believable at all?  I don't buy that these guys are friends, or that they enjoy babbling away about this drug they are taking.  And I sure as hell don't buy the idea that they think Kevin Nealon is at all funny, let alone hi-LARIOUS like they pretend to do here.

4.  I'm sure the waitress at the club is just thrilled with the antics of this group of overpaid morons.  What's a "Kevin Nealon?"  Given the arc of his career, I'm guessing it's a glass of flat Diet Coke.

5.  And again....one of these guys does not belong.  I'm pretty sure I know who isn't picking up the check.

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