Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Oh come on, even I've owned one of these things!

If this guy gets sexually excited and falls into a fantasy world when he sees a freaking Honda Civic, I'm almost afraid of what his reaction would be to an Audi.  Or a good-looking woman.

Other than the Overbearing Stupid Presented Because Car Commercials Just Can't Be Car Commercials Anymore, this is really just another version of "Our Dream Customer" brought to us this time by Honda:  Doofus with no sense of how to shop for a car walks into a showroom and instantly begins to fantasize about owning the first car he sees in such an obvious manner that the salesman lucky enough to get to him first really doesn't have to do anything other than hand him a pen and guide his paralyzed-with-ectasy fingers to the correct line on the contract.   Gas Mileage? Warranty?  Terms?  Who gives a damn, it's a shiny new car and I simply must have it now now now. Gross.


  1. Yeah, it's another dumb car commercial populated by a starry-eyed potential buyer. But in all honesty, if you've owned a Civic you already know that the gas mileage is good and they're quite dependable. And the 2016 model is actually extremely redesigned and quite sporty-looking compared to the more recent Civic models. I find it much harder to relate to the ad in this series for the CR-V, where the woman is going into tumultuous ecstasies to the tune of the a cappella choir singing "Head Over Heels." I mean, come on. It's an SUV. SUVs are not known for inciting near-sexual bliss.

    Of course, we all know that the fantasy of the potential customer walking into the showroom and instantly being so smitten by any car that they just HAVE TO HAVE IT is just that: a fantasy car manufacturers want badly to believe in, because it means they don't really have to do any selling. You're in love. You'll sign anything.

    Now, I must ask: when are you going to do your worst on the Hyndai Elantra add where the guy enumerates to the dealer all the features "she" insists his new car have--the implication being that the "she" is his wife--and then it's revealed that "she" is his bossy little daughter? And then she says "We'll take both" of two cars? Agh.

    1. haven't seen that one- it sounds even worse than the car commercial featuring the guy driving dangerously fast to get home to his little daughter before the ice cream cone he bought her melts-- ummm, why not just take her out for ice cream?