Wednesday, October 11, 2017

And I'm doing the Calling BS on Dairy Queen thing

This guy couldn't make it more obvious that he's a boyfriend doing the Daddy Thing - maybe, trying out for the role of daddy- and is in no way related to the little boy he's purchased a small amount of ice cream for to distract that boy from the honey barbecue wings and fries he's purchased for himself.

And even while he does his best to "do the daddy thing" in the hopes of finally getting the boy's mommy to rescue him from the Friend Zone, he's rather quietly waxing poetic about the good old days when he could wolf down real honey barbecue wings at Hooter's with his equally obnoxious, equally single friends.

So good luck with that whole "Daddy Thing," not-Daddy.  I'm sure this boy's mother will be super-impressed that you blew a whole 99 cents on that cup of ice cream so he wouldn't go without any lunch at all.  While you ate chicken and talked to the cameraman how cool it used to be to spend all afternoon at the sports bar guzzling beer and wings brought to you by hot girls in tight tops and even tighter shorts.  Takes dedication.


  1. I always thought Hooters was a bit phony myself.
    Not quite as phony as what passes for food and ice cream at DQ though.

  2. Hooters is about as cynical as a marketing concept can get. But the food is pretty high-quality for a chain, and the prices are very reasonable.

  3. Everything you think and say about the ulterior motive of the alleged Dad may be true, but compared to the crap commercials DQ was putting out about 10 years ago for their local affiliates, this commercial is very well done and they even get to promote their ice cream as well. It's a very effective commercial. The one disturbing thing to me in terms of casting is how much the alleged fake dad looks like Andy Richter from 20 years ago.