Saturday, October 14, 2017

Subaru's Camping Dog commercial screams nothing but RUN!

Yeah, sorry, but the girl in the ad isn't anywhere cute enough to pull this crap.

You're taking your dog on a camping trip with your boyfriend?  Seek counseling, please.  Or just admit that you don't really want a boyfriend as much as you want to keep your relationship with your dog.

And, buddy?  Like I said in the first sentence- this girl isn't cute enough for this level of stupid.  There are worst things than not having a date on the weekend.  Unless you think that you're going to REPLACE that dog before too long, I'd really rethink this whole thing.  But heck, I guess there are guys out there who don't mind dating women who can't be parted from their freaking smelly mammal housemates.  I'm just not one of them, and I don't get them.  At all.

(BTW, anyone else think that I could just devote this blog to these Subaru "love" commercials and have plenty of opportunities to post?)


  1. I think many agree you are addicted to being cantankerous. This commercial is amazing. Even the sappy seen with the boyfriend on the floor next to the bed is compensated for when the dog and girlfriend lay against the boyfriend's chest in the final shot.

  2. i guess you equate "hot" with needy, the girl in high heels clomping around expecting an expensive night on the town. Obviously Subaru is not catering to your version of hot, but the kind of hot that might actually be there 10 years from now. At least you get to be cantankerous. You really should call yourself the Cantankerous Commercial Curmudgeon.

  3. i'm trying to figure out how many of your 68 followers have had their head pushed to within inches of the traveling gravel below by you and their only way out was to agree to follow you and this blog. I would guess all 68.

    1. Someone who sends me ten posts on four different commercial commentaries inside of fifteen minutes has no business criticizing anyone for officially following that blog, sorry. If you don't care for the blog, I won't take offense, but maybe you should just move on?